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Single Tooth Implant – Left Lower Posterior Region

Clinical Case No 1

62 years old male patient ,Hypertensive but controlled Blood Pressure and taking medications for hypothyroidism No contraindications for implant

Clinical Findings

Root irt 37 Healthy periodontal conditions Status after extraction – distal socket is close to mandibular canal.

Treatment done

Extraction of 37 done by sectioning of root under Local anaesthesia ,one ADIN ( tourag –S) implant size – (5.0/11.5 mm.) placed in distal root Gelatamp placed irt mesial root and suturing done.

Post operative OPG

After one month 26 days , RVG implant osseointegration is good

Clinical Case No 2

Normal extraction of 28 and surgical extraction of lower left 3rd molar.

Clinical findings

24 years old female patient having pain and swelling in left lower posterior most region of face Impacted 38 , 48 and buccoversion eruption of 18, 28 Health conditions are good.

Pre operative OPG

Treatment done

Local anaesthesia ( Articaine ) given irt 28 and 38 Extraction of 28 done with straight elevator For 38 incision made along the buccal and distal margins of 38 area , flap reflected and bone guttering done Tooth extracted out from its socket , socket cleaned and sutured.

Clinical Case No 3

Root canal treatment in left lower 36

Clinical findings

48 years old male patient had sensitivity to cold and hot both in 36 Had pan masala chewing habit 5 years back No systemic problems deep carious lesion irt 36 advised GIC restoration first if pain persists then go for RCT

Treatment done

First GIC restoration if pain and sensitivity persists then RCT Pain still persists in 36 after GIC restoration Root canal treatment irt 36 done

Clinical Case No 4

Surgical extraction of 48


29 yrs. old male patient having pain and swelling in relation to right lower posterior jaw Pericoronitis irt 48 Impacted 48

Pre operative RVG

Post extraction RVG

Clinical Case No 5

53 years old female patient having pain and discomfort in left lower posterior tooth 28 in buccoversion and 38 in normal position.

Pre operative OPG

Clinical case No 6

Surgical Extraction of 38

35 years old female patient having pain and swelling in left lower posterior jaw Impacted 38,48 and 18,28 in buccoversion position

Pre operative OPG

Clinical case No 7

Rehabilitation of Upper anterior maxillary segment with two implants and three crowns

22 years old male patient, excellent health conditions , no previous medical history

Pre operative OPG

Pre operative CBCT

Clinical Findings

Congenitally missing 12

Retained deciduous 52

Healthy periodontal conditions

Treatment done

Local anaesthesia ( Articaine) given irt 11-13, 21-23 labialy and nasopalatine block given palataly. Buccaly and palataly local infiltration given irt 26.

Extraction of 26, 11, 21, 52 done

Socket of 11 used for approaching the microdont extraction which was palataly placed ( crown part touching the palatal cortical bone)

Extraction done by using long carbide round bur and magnetic mallet.

Status after Extraction – one microdont which was placed palataly and crown part touching palatal cortical bone .

Labial cortical plate irt 11,21 was very thin. One ADIN Implant placed (size -3.5/13) irt 12 utilizing the coronal alveolar bone of retained deciduous tooth, bypassing the cavity of microdont and got the primary stability from apical alveolar bone for implant.

Gelatamps placed in the cavity around the implant.

Other ADIN implant (size -3.3/13) irt 21 placed.

After suturing

Clinical case No 8

63 years old male patient having root stump in relation to 38 Blood pressure and blood sugar under control Discomfort and swelling in left lower jaw Adv. –Extraction 38.

Root stump in relation to 38

Post op. RVG, Root in relation to 38 extracted surgically under LA , suturing done

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