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1. Piezotome

This is a specialised Instrument US II LED Piezotome also called Piezoelectric Device used for bone surgery that enables osteotomy and osteoplasty techniques to be applied almost in any anatomical situvation.

TThe Piezotome is an exciting modality that enables us to extract teeth without disturbing adjacent teeth, bone, and soft tissue. This allows less postoperative discomfort after your extractions. It is also the ideal way to extract teeth when an implant is going to be placed. The device generates ultrasonic vibrations which release tooth fibers that hold the tooth into its socket. This pioneering device is powerful, precise and silent.

One of the advantages of the Piezotome is that it aids in making extractions easy and less traumatic to surrounding tissues. Other advantages of this instruments are Precise and safest bone cutting maximum intra operative visibility of the working area.

How does Piezotome work?

Our teeth are held into the sockets by periodontal ligaments. By using the Piezotome’s ultrasonic technology, we are able slide between the bone and tooth to release the tooth from the periodontal ligaments.

Piezotome uses ultrasound waves in place of a conventional drill / hand Mallet / Elevators and provides completely atraumatic surgical procedures and precision that is unmatched. Therefore this is a minimally invasive approach to providing our patients with the least post-operative trauma and improved quality of healing with this equipment.


2. Magnetic Mallet

Magnetic mallet is an electromagnetic device assembled into an hand piece energized by power control device, delivering forces by timing of application.

The Magnetic mallet is an electronically operated tool that uses electromagnetic collision between two masses to produce a high-intensity impact in the form of an elastic wave, resulting in plastic bone deformation. It comes with a standard kit of 10 instruments and a variety of bone expanders, osteotomes, cutters, and surgery instruments.

It is equipped with a kit of 10 instruments in its standard configuration and wide range of bone expanders / osteotomes /cutters and surgery instruments.

Magnetic Mallet

Advantages of Magnetic Mallet

Less trauma during surgery , we can do indirect sinus lift without bone cutting and better access for posterior maxilla. Faster recovery and no bone loss and very very useful instrument for extraction of roots.

3.Tooth Transformer

It is a Medical Device that converts the tooth into bone graft (autologous material) this is the patient’s own tooth

An innovative patented system able to transform an extracted tooth into an autologous material for bone regeneration.

TT Transformer reduces the crystallinity of the hydroxyapatite, the mineral of which teeth are composed, and through its unique procedure makes available the morphogenetic proteins and growth factors present in dentine.
The particulate matter obtained is, therefore, able to determine an osteoinduction mechanism capable of stimulating cellular adhesion, proliferation and differentiation during bone regeneration.

Advantages Tooth Transformer

Tooth Transformer
Tooth Transformer

What is the Tooth Grinder?

It is the heart of our system, it allows to produce a calibrated granulate (0.4 – 0.8 mm) suitable for bone regeneration. The tooth fragments after removing the Enamel, decayed dentin, G.P. points and soft tissues from the roots are placed in the Tooth Grinder, which is equipped with special blades that grind the tooth. The Tooth Grinder is made of high performance glass reinforced thermoplastic material and medical steel, designed to be autoclaved.

Disposable Accessories Kit

The kit contains a cartridge and a maker , the cartridge contains the liquids that allow demineralization of the bone graft , disinfection and rinsing of final product .

Advantages of Tooth Grinder

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