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Surgical Tooth Extraction

Our prime aim is to keep your natural teeth perfect for as long as possible. Though there are many best tooth replacements available, nothing can match with original teeth. However, there comes a time where the removal of the tooth becomes necessary. While most tooth extractions are easily performed, some cases will be complicated, and there comes the necessity for a surgical tooth extraction.
A tooth needs to be extracted in case of disease, trauma, or crowding. When repairing the tooth fails with a crown or filling due to damage or extensive decay, then extraction is the best choice. People with periodontal diseases not supported by adequate bone are also a candidate for surgical extraction. An infected tooth which is not responding to the root canal treatment is also needed to be extracted.
Our dentist will make a mark on the part of the gum tissue during the surgical extraction. This helps in getting the path to bone tissue and the underlying tooth. For better visibility of the tooth, our dentist may trim away the bone tissue. Later on, the tooth will be sliced into pieces in order to remove it easily.
Surgical extraction of a tooth will be more complex and challenging when compared to general tooth extraction. There are a number of critical reasons for which a tooth needs to be extracted, such as a severely broken tooth, cracked or fragile tooth, teeth with curved or long roots, Large roots, and impacted tooth. As mentioned above, surgical extraction of a tooth may look complicated, but the advancement in dentistry and modern tools has made it quite safe.

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