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Gum Depigmentation

Are your gums darkened? Like how a frame & picture combine to give a beautiful portrait, gums & teeth combine to provide a beautiful smile. Having healthy gums as well as teeth is essential to create an attractive overall smile. Gum whitening is the best way to brighten your gums with long-lasting results.
Long-term use of some medicines and excess melanin can produce black spots/patches on the gum. Even though it is not bad for health, it spoils the aesthetic look. People with darker skin are more susceptible to the build-up of melanin on the gums. Hence, the benefit of gum whitening is that it can lighten the gums and keep it healthy. The gum whitening procedure is painless and quick. The treatment will be completed within a single visit in most cases, leaving the patient with pink, healthy gums on the same day.
Initially, we take out a full assessment to find the type and amount of pigmentation that is appropriate for the gum whitening. A detailed treatment plan, along with the cost, is discussed with you before the treatment. For many patients, the healing period is very fast. Thus, gum whitening is a fair way to care for your teeth and gums with minimal discomfort.
No matter how dark your gums are, we assure gum whitening works for you. We will give you everything that you require to enjoy your smile in a pain-free way. Contact us today to start to overcome your gum pigmentation problem.

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