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Dental Emergency

We recognize that emergencies do occur. Our office phone number is answered 24 hours a day by a team member or our voicemail system informing you of how to reach the doctor on call. If one of our doctors is unavailable, you will be given instruction on how to reach the dentist covering emergencies for Markiewicz Dental. We provide special priority status for you or any family member who has been seen during the previous year in our practice.

Our team of an emergency dentist in Lucknow is always available to take your calls and consult you and at DentaZone Clinic. We provide immediate treatment for the problems ranging from chipped or broken teeth to swelling or toothaches, as well as repairing damaged dentures and crowns.
You may feel a significant amount of distress and discomfort if you experience any tooth injury or other serious dental problems. If it happens, waiting around a couple of days or a few hours is not a good option. In case of any dental emergency occurs, kindly book an appointment immediately with us to feel as comfortable as possible.
When you contact DentaZone for emergency care, our experienced emergency dentist will ask about your situation and give instructions to handle the problem over the phone before reaching our clinic. As soon as you reach our clinic, our dental experts will assess your condition and find the best plan of treatment. Once deciding the treatment plan, we will begin our procedure quickly. We offer some pain relief and local anesthetic to make sure you are comfortable during the entire treatment.
When you or your beloved person is in pain, it can be absolutely a stressful and frightening time. If you understand emergency dentistry is necessary, it is essential to stay calm and act according to the circumstance to help ensure the most favorable outcome. Get in touch with DentaZone by dialing +91-8577000025. Our expert emergency dentist will discuss with you and arrange for the best emergency dental care even if we are not in working hours.

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