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Dentistry for Kids was established to be different. We wanted to redefine the experience of dentistry for our patients, allowing them to grow up with all the confidence that a healthy smile provides. That will continue to be our mission as we reinvest in our practice and staff to meet that goal.

We cater to young children by changing what a dental office looks like, sounds like, and smells like. It’s something you’ll notice from the moment you step into the waiting room. In fact, there’s much more playing than waiting!

Paedodontics is a branch of dentistry that is often known as pediatric dentistry. Our pediatric dentists are committed to providing care for the children’s oral health from birth to age sixteen. We treat children with specific oral problems and complex medical histories by taking time and consideration. We focus on early detection, treatment, and prevention of dental problems.
Children can be anxious about dental treatments due to their age, treatment complexity, or their previous unpleasant experience. A Pediatric dentist eliminates this anxiousness by providing treatment under sedation, and also he works closely with an orthodontist if the children need teeth straightening. You will be referred to our specialist by our dentist because they believe your child’s dental needs require a specialist opinion.

Why are baby teeth important?

Baby teeth are essential for many reasons. They help children chew, speak clearly, and manage space for permanent teeth to grow. The loss of primary teeth occurs from the age of 6 to 12. Untreated primary teeth with decay may lead to pain, dental abscess, infection, or premature loss of teeth. This problem may result in space loss and requires orthodontic treatment in the future. Hence, early oral health habits and the detection of dental problems can prevent complex procedures in the future.

Your first visit

Our pediatric dentist will ask questions to know the dental health condition and medical history of your child and address your concerns. After a complete examination, X-rays are taken if required, and a treatment plan is discussed. Initially, children are often anxious, so we make every possible step to create a child-friendly environment for their complete cooperation. Based on their level of co-operation we offer sedation if necessary.

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