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General Dentistry

DentaZone recommends routine dental check-ups are necessary for treating problems with your teeth before they turn into a serious one. Indian Dental Association recommends visiting a dentist twice a year for a deep clean & thorough check-up. Our team of expert dentists is also highly experienced in pediatric dentistry, maintaining your family to establish good oral habits from a young age.
Your primary dental care professional who uses evaluation, treatment, and prevention methods to care for optimal oral health is a general dentist. From regular check-ups to dental fillings of all kinds, general dentistry covers everything. It also includes bridges and dentures, crowns, wisdom tooth removal, root canal therapy, dental implants, and treatment for gum disease. Child dentistry is also an important part of preventative services.
Our dentists will assess you first, and if you have any dental health issues, they will explain what type of treatment you need. They will also work together with dental specialists and provide the most suitable treatment for you.

General dentistry Procedure:

During the dental check-up, your general dentist will examine your teeth with small tools in your mouth. They will check for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental problems. If the problem is hard to see with small instruments, an X-ray will be taken by the dentist to find the exact problem. If you have a dental problem, our dentist will explain to you about the problem and treatment options along with its associated cost.

Dental care during pregnancy:

Gum problems during pregnancy could result in preterm low birth weight infant
Increased hormone levels during pregnancy will worsen dental problems
Avoid self-medication on your own for dental pain, this could affect your child.
Dental procedures are safe during 4-6 months.
Have a dental checkup during and after pregnancy.

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