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Smile Makeover

Our smile makeover experts deliver advanced teeth restoration along with healthy and aesthetic teeth.
Therefore, it proves that you are comfortable, confident with yourself.
Statistics and researches tell more about the importance of smiles. It reveals that 45 percent of people judge someone by their smile, and more than 75 % of people don’t feel comfortable while smiling.
But the cosmetic industry finds ways to improve your smile with different treatment procedures. One such treatment is smile makeover; it focuses on altering gaps, spaces, crooked and discolored teeth. Fabulous dental experts, providing the flash smile with perfect alignments.
Moreover, other typical techniques are included in smile makeover for the desired result, such as dental bonding, Invisalign, braces, etc.
Our smile makeover experts deliver advanced teeth restoration along with healthy and aesthetic teeth.

Smile Design Check

Our Smile makeovers include a design stage using a computer-aided smile design. This is a method in which advanced graphics software is used to redesign a picture of a patient’s teeth. Patients can also help to design a flawless smile of their own.

Teeth Impressions

The next stage in smile makeover is to obtain impressions and to produce a 3d model from the smile template for the professional ceramist. These models are used from every angle to evaluate the aesthetic look and features.

Trial & final

Once the teeth are ready for the veneers or crowns, a prototype made from the 3d preview is then used to place temporary ones. It offers patients the chance to assess the makeover of their smiles before something is set in stone. Any improvements are simple to install into the final veneers that are fitted at the next appointment.

Enjoy the smile

For any smile makeover treatment, this step by step procedure is regularly followed at our clinic. It enables our smile makeovers extremely predictable to the person and uniquely fine-tuned.

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Smile Gallery

Witness some of our best smile transformations here

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